Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not the witty one I forgot

But funny. Well, at least to me. Anyhoo, I am back on the lovely and talented nicotine patch. I don't know if any of y'all have ever had the pleasure of quitting smoking, but these little bastards work. Sorta... I think I've determined that it's not the patch's fault perse that I fell off the wagon last time. I'm pretty sure it was my wanting a smoke and thinking that I could be a "social smoker", which apparently I cannot. Go figure!! Ok, ok...enough about me and my smoking, it's making me want one a little bit. The point I'm going to eventually get at is that if you wear the patch when you go to bed you have these crazy ass dreams. The box tells you not to sleep with them (I think, to tell you the truth I just pulled that outta my ass) but I do anyway because I love the crazy dreams. I don't normally remember them but when I wear the patch I do. I was thinking that I got a bum batch of patches because I didn't have or remember my dream on Tuesday and was a little disspointed when I woke up yesterday. But last nights dream more than made up for it. Ok, you all know that I'm pretty wacked out right?? Good 'cause keep that in mind...Last night I had a dream that Michael J. Fox attacked me with my Ikea knife!

Well, he didn't actually look like this in my dream. This is from when I had his Tiger Beat poster on my wall. Brought back memories....

This was the version of Michael J. Fox that attacked me with my Ikea knife.

I have no idea why he starred in my dream and I certainly have no idea what I did to him to make him take my Ikea knife out of my drawer and try to cut me. That's my favorite knife too!!I remember that I had to try to grab the knife out of his hand and I accidently cut him. For some reason I felt bad. I'm pretty sure he had the Parkinson's in my dream and maybe that is the reason for the guilt. I even have a guilty conscience when I'm asleep, great!!

So yeah, one minute I was wrestling a knife outta Alex P. Keaton's hand and the next minute my alarms going off. So that all I got. Love it?? Or was it too much build up with no satisfying ending? Well, too bad. That's how I felt after watching the new Harry Potter movie so suck it!

Sorry, had to throw in the HP remark...anyone see it? What am I saying, of course you did right?


  1. I think those patches are making you ramble :)

  2. I used the patches when I gave up smoking three years ago next week (I know this because I gave up the day before Oscar was born and he is three next Friday...I find they work best if you wear them around your waist like a minging daisy chain...

    (Can we still be friends if I don't like Harry Potter...because I hate his ass!)

  3. Well Paul, I think they should just come up with a patch in the shape of my whole body because I think that size would work best for me. And, I suppose we could still be friends despite your unreasonable disdain for Harry Potter.


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