Monday, July 27, 2009

Somebody please tell me...

Why our arms are too short to reach that spot on your back that itches but you can't reach it?

Seriously, WTF?

7 days today since I quit smokin. Still feel like punching someone in the neck.


  1. You should punch them in that spot on there back. That way they can't rub it to make it feel better. I play dirty.

  2. And I obviously can't spell cuz that should have been "their". Fuck!! I had a great comment and I went and fucked it up. Dammit!!

  3. maybe you need to have your arms stretched on the rack, like in old times when they would punish people. Then you could reach the spot, and I bet the stretching would distract from the no smoking :)

    the stretching thing reminds me of a gal I knew in college. She had a midget like torso and stuff but her limbs were too long for her body. We called her the stretched out midget...mean, I know. She got a boob job and looks a lot more proportional now.

  4. That's why god invented chopsticks....

  5. @Tiffany - I should punch them in that spot on their back!! Thanks for the tip. :)

    @Sarie - Stretched Out Midget...LMAO. Mean, yes, but oh-so-funny.

    @Paul - I tried the chopsticks and still couldn't reach. Found one of the kids toys that worked like a charm though. LOL

    BTW, I'll try to get back to posting stuff that doesn't suck one of these days. :^)

  6. Sadly I don't have that problem. God gave me abnormally long and flexible arms and I can get all the spots on my back.

    Hate me - but only for that.

  7. IDK but Aunt B where you been?! Miss you...


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