Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I'm a Jerk

Hmmm. That's a toughie for there are many, many reasons that I'm a jerk. Let's count the ways shall we?

  1. I'm always late. Always. Even when I try to be early. My friends always tell me to be somewhere 15-30 minutes early to allow for "Greenetime".
  2. I'm a phone screener. I hate talking on the phone so it better be damn good because also...
  3. I never return phone calls. (Remember, this list is reasons why I'm a jerk)
  4. I've lied during interviews. But, really, who hasn't? I can't imagine there are that many legitimate "People Persons" and "Team Players" around.
  5. My little sister used to have a skin tag on her chin and me and my dad came up with a witty nickname for her. When we were at open house one year I got her class to call her "Tit-Chin". Yeah, she still gets pissed thinking about that one.
  6. I once got kicked out of jury duty for unconsciously making a "gagging" noise when the defendant's attorney was explaining their side of the story. However, I make no apologies for my bull-shit detector having a mind of its own!
  7. In 7th grade one of my best friends dumped me and our other friend to hang out with the "popular" crowd. Joke was on her though when we told everyone she still pee'd the bed. Ooopsie...was that supposed to be a secret???!!!
  8. I told my sister once that "Pretty-Ugly" meant Beautiful. So then everytime she would ask me how she looked I would say, "Pretty-Ugly" and she would be happy.
  9. One time in high-school we disguised chocolate Exlax for mini-chocolate bars and gave them to this kid who used to mooch food off us at lunch time. Oh how priceless it was to watch him run to his car after school with his cheeks clenched! Which just reminded me of...
  10. The time when I was little and we wrapped up a pretty box and put dog poop in it. Then we sent down my sister and her best friend to this mean girls house and made them give it to her. I never saw two little girls run so fast back down the street in my life!!
  11. The time I set up a blog about funny shit that has happened to me and got a bunch of people to follow it and then one day I stopped updating it for about forever.

Well, I think that's enough for now. I'm sure, no wait, I know there's many more reasons why I'm a jerk and I'm fairly certain I will be reminded soon enough. But for now, I must heave my Dobson-Ass on to my treadmill and run off that fritter I just consumed.

Adios mofo's!!


  1. When I started reading the list I thought, "Well, looks like I am a jerk." Which I kind of knew anyway because of my "nicknames" at work that people have given me. But then you kept going, thank you for that, it makes me feel better :) Those were good ones though, so funny!

  2. are you ever goint to write again :)

  3. Tit-chin just made my day! XD You should write more, there's some funny stuff here!


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