Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A mini rant about 1-ply

Ok, I'm a Californian. As a Californian I am painfully aware of how broke the State is. Because, not only do I LIVE in California, but I WORK for California. I understand that we are in a cash crisis, we have had our spending all but cut, and I'm now "forced" to take an additional two days off a month. (That part I'm not complaining about, being lazy and all) But what I don't understand is why, why, WHY do we have to cut back on the quality of toilet paper we have to purchase? I will gladly use generic pens, shake my toner cartridge till the cows come home and lick my index finger in order to sort papers. But I cannot condone the purchase of this crappy (no pun intended), thin ass 1-ply that has turned up in our restroom. I can't even describe how thin this ass wipe is. Seriously.

Ok, rant over.


  1. it just means you will use more and cost them more money in the long run. Morons!

  2. People don't understand the science of T.P. I totally agree with Sarie, it will just lead to an influx of usage.

    P.S. I was surprised not to read another "(No pun intended)" after "thin ass" but that's cool. :)

  3. It's not the kind that's really rough, is it? That's terrible too.

    And all you're going to do is use an entire roll - they should have just stuck with the good stuff. lol.

  4. No, it wasn't the rough kind, but the kind that is SO thin it disintegrates pretty much on contact. Maybe I'll start a tally to see how many rolls we go through in a week.

  5. You should take baby wipes with you wherever you go...I don't do that, becasue I am a man and I wipe my ass on tree bark and stuff, but its ideal for women....

  6. Oh Paul Spooner you crack me up!! I've also known men to accidently park their ass into a poison oak bush!! Us ladies would never, I mean NEVER do that!!


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