Friday, May 8, 2009

Why I should NEVER drink wine in public

I end up doing shit like the Macarena that's why! Thank GAWD the Chicken Dance didn't get captured on film.


  1. Buwawawawa!!! That is SO funny! I love it. And the Chicken Dance would have been priceless, imo.

    If it makes you feel any better I had a few too many vodkas last weekend at ML's show (he's in a band) and decided I could dance. Which I can't. At all. The guy I made dance with me was like 'can't you do anything else besides spin?'

    Crap. I hope there aren't any pictures...

  2. I so Shamed seesta....Busta Move girl!!!!! I love you daughter, but come on already, don't embarass the family!!!!!!

  3. at least it's a picture and not a video...

  4. so you know how at the end of your posts, it says "pulled out of the ass of aunt b" do you change it to say that?

  5. Ok Sarie Lou, I had a total brain fart and couldn't for the life of me remember where I typed that line. But alas, being anal retentive, I wouldn't give up until I found it.

    Go to Customize
    Click Layout tab
    Click on "edit" in the Blog Posts box
    It's the line right under the date (at least on mine it is)
    Hope that helps!!

    Now, riddle me do you turn a word or sentence into a link? Sometimes I'll be reading a blog and it will refer to something and that particular word or phrase will be a different color and you click on that word or phrase and it'll take you somewhere else. Not physically "somewhere else" although that would be freakin rad, but to a different blog post or I making sense?

  6. when you are typing your blog, copy the address of the link you want, then, there is a green thingy in the blog editing tools at the top of the typing to the T for text color, highlight where you want the link to be in your text, click on that green thingy, and paste your link into the little pop up box. that should make a word into a link! tell me if any of that made sense :)

  7. I do have pictures of the chicken dance mmwhaaaaa.Like you say "shit happens"

    Love ya
    Aunt Linny


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