Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The pic says it all..

Kinda my motto. That, and I'm draggin ass getting my day started.


  1. My work day doesn't really get started until I have read all the updates on my blog list, checked facebook and my email, and chatted for about an hour with a friend online. So, arrive at work at 8...start work around 11:30...procrastination rules!

  2. Give me a couple of days to think about it...

  3. It warms the cockles of my shrivled heart to know that I'm in good company!!

  4. Holy shit! Did you see that me and you are linked on Twitarded? Of course my awesomely funny comments weren't listed THIS TIME. I'm sure they're saving the best for last. LOL

  5. Tiffany we're so awesome ain't we?!?!? LOL I noticed that too this morning.

    JJ/STY - smooches if yas are reading this!! I heart the shit outta you smartass-set stalking-miniE sporting-fancy cuss word book having-awesome blog posts writing-Twitarded broads!! XOXOXO

  6. I think I need to get that motto tattooed on me. I'm pretty sure my ass is big enough for it.

    @Tiffany - I promise we'll list your comments next time! :)

    @Aunt_B - Awww, we heart you too!

    Ok, I probably should start working... meh.

  7. I'm still thinking about it, I'll leave a comment tomorrow...probably

  8. Printing this off as we speak.
    But we aren't speaking are we? As I type? Just takes the fun out of it.
    Funny thing is, I read this entry this morning and am just getting around to leaving a comment.


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