Monday, June 8, 2009

Free at last, free at last...

Ah, summer vacation! I may not get them anymore, but I can sure as hell live vicariously through my children. The best part, wait, the second best part of summer vacation is not having to drop the kids off (no, not "drop the kids off" as in dropping a deux). I can just get up and go to work. YAY ME!! But, the first best part about summer vacation, (and this summer vacay in partic) is that my sentence of PTC Treasurer is O-V-E-R!! Can I get a holla?? I gotta tell ya, the PTC (that's Parent Teacher Club for those of ya wonderin) was a drama filled year of "WTF's" and "No you di'ints"!

Piece of advice from ol' Aunt B: If you are a mother, prospective mother, friend of a mother, mother of a mother or a mother lover and you or someone you love gets asked to join the PTC, PTA, PTO or whatever the eff they call it at your kids school...RUN. RUN FAR, FAR AWAY! FAST! DON'T DO IT. I'M SERIOUS.

Ok, I feel much better getting that off my chest.



  1. haha...mother lover :) good song!

  2. Wow, I had no idea. Actually I had heard rumors about the PTA (that's what it's called here) and all the drama, but no experience as right now I am only a perspective mother - mother lover and my own mother avoided that stuff as much as possible. She wouldn't even be a room mom in Elementary school.

  3. My mom wouldn't be a room mother either. I think I may be overcompensating for her shortfalls!! LOL So far I've been a room mother, soccer team mom, co-Brownie leader and finally PTC Treasurer. I've FINALLY learned my lesson. I will stick with volunteering in the classes because, lets face it, little kids are goddamn funny!!

  4. to answer your question: 'arse about face' is exactly like 'ass backwards'...another favorite of mine is: 'arse over tit' which means to fall over in a hilarious fashion!

  5. Sorry Paul. I was thinking that "mother lover" would put you dads into that category. But, if you are a baby daddy, please run and run fast from the PTC!! LOL

    I'm SO going to use "arse over tit" the next time I see soneone fall!! LMAO


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