Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And all was right in Brandyland once more

MY SPOT was taken by ME today. Me in MY SPOT = I'm happy. Me not in MY SPOT = Everybody suffers.

'Sides this broad's got my back now! Would you take HER SPOT? I sure the eff wouldn't. I mean, check out the meaty man hands on that lady. Geeze toots, at least don't paint your nails red to draw attention to them.

I'm sure you're wondering to yourself, "is that a pregnant broad with a gun?". Yep, sure it. That is an actual law enforcement target. I had to order a bunch of various targets for my rangers at work. I was dumbfounded that they made such a thing so of course I asked for one. This is what was hanging on my wall when I came in this morning. I've got the BEST job!! Now I just need to come up with some witty talk bubbles to stick up there....hmmm. But now I want to be a shooting target model. I wonder how one lands a job like that.


  1. How about "So YOU are the ****** that knocked me up!?!" for a talk bubble? LOL First thing that came to my mind.

  2. has this gal been on Cops? reminds me of an episode I've seen...

  3. Oh good, the shooting target I modeled for in the mid-90's finally sold. Thanks for buying!

    Just kidding of was early 2000's.

  4. LOL Lildonbro!! I almost had froot loops come out of my nose!!!


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