Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Um, WTF, Really? part two

Here's one to file under "Are you effing kidding me!?!?" This picture was taken from the doorway of my office. Notice the "my spot" circle? Well, that's because that is MY SPOT. Did I get to park there today? Nope. Know why? Some douche took it and the rest of the lot was full. Wanna see where I ended up?

Down here. Yeah that's right. Wanna see what was between MY SPOT and this piece of crap spot?

This for starters.

Can someone just please friggen push me the rest of the way?

Not done yet.

It would probably be best to check the ol' pulse right about now.

Almost done

Four hours later...

Seriously, are you effing kidding me??? I am an office person. Certainly not a walking-up-the-steep-ass-hill to my office person. I am a "secretary spread" havin kind of person. In my family we affectionately refer to it as the "Dobson Ass". Please douche bags, don't take MY SPOT ever again, m'kay?


  1. Ha-ha! I love the pictures, they really help me to better understand the struggle you went through. Have you ever seen Fried Green Tomatoes? If so, then you should just ram the car that is in your spot like she did in the movie.

  2. That is quite the trek! I agree with just ramming (1 m or 2 m's?) the other car! or just park behind them and block them in. Mean notes work too. I do that to people who park in my spot in my apartment complex. Bastards!

  3. My husband and I got so sick and tired of people taking our spot at our old apartment complex that we would call the tow truck to tow them out! We would sit on our balcony and laugh while they got their cars towed. Not right, I know. LOL

    Fried Green Tomatoes was a great movie and I loved that part in particular!!

  4. LOL! I love it! Great blog, dude. I generally have the 'fuck you' cloud following me so I feel your pain. Then again, I kinda suspect I bring it upon myself... :)

  5. Thanks for the props Jenny Jerkface!! (love the name btw) I don't have just have a 'fuck you' cloud, I have a 'fuck you' weather system complete with doppler!! And I too bring it upon myself. LOL


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