Friday, March 27, 2009

I've reached a new level of Twitardation

I have a serious problem. Not since Ralph Macchio, Kirk Cameron, River Phoenix and Tim Stapp* have I had such a crush/lust/whathaveyou on a person - real or otherwise. Yes, I realize that Rob Pattinson is a real know what I mean right? Right? Anyhoo, since I've become so Robsessed I've pre-ordered my movie (which FINALLY came in the mail yesterday btw), the Director's Notebook (no offense, but I probably coulda done without that) and now this: (he's still adorable even with his little Dorothy Hammil haircut)

Hell, he was yummy when I first laid (layed?) eyes on him as Cedric Diggory...

This...not so much. Nips were covered 'cause they gave me the heebs. But, he was a kid who had that girly look to him so I'll let it slide.

This one, well, I'm without words. mmm, mmm, mmm comes to mind. He's scruffy, manly and well, I can't tell you the rest of my thoughts for fear my daughter might one day happen upon this blog and tell on me. It's bad enough I got teased by my husband and kids for hanging my Edward poster up in our office. I told him he could hang up his old Farrah Fawcet poster if he wanted to. I'm fair. I could even score another Pregnant Lady Holding Gun poster if that sort of thing does it for him. Just let me have my Edward poster!!
So now I've pre-orderd the How To Be soundtrack (the movie looks pretty good too) and get to wait foreva for that to come now. Oh Rob, why can't I quit you?? I know us old broads give you the heebs, but that's because you don't know us. Well, me at least, I can't speak for the other old broads since I haven't met most of them but some of them are pretty cool too. You'd like me, I've been told I'm pretty cool for "my age".

There needs to be some sort of AA for Twitards. Or a patch. Or maybe they can do what they do to herion addicts and put me out for 3 days to get it out of my system.
*Tim Stapp was this poor dude that I had a crazy ass crush on my Freshman year in High School. I'll share the story one of these's a doozy lemme tell ya. ;^)


  1. Um, I think you know you are not alone in your Twisession - lol!! Funny - when I outed myself to my husband I told him he could start a blog about Giselle Bunden-shen-whatever-the-eff-her-name-is and I would deal. But he knows I only have eyes for him & Edward, so he's ok with by obsessing. [Must I now call him "St. DH"?? Probably...]
    Love your blog - cracked me up and has an awesome design, too!
    : )

  2. You're very welcome! That blog cracks me up. I only know a couple of TW fans but I'm the nuttiest of them all so it's always nice to find some other smart-asses that love it just as much but don't take it so serious.

  3. *sigh* Oh how I love Rob. I don't care that he looked like a girl when he was younger. Or that his mom pimped his ass out in half naked child porn pics. I still love him and always (until someone way awesome comes along) will. I LOVE YOU ROB. I think you need a Southern girl to teach you a few things. Am I married? Not if you're interested.

  4. i may have to just print out that last photo and tape it up in my BF never has to know!

  5. I know smoking isn't supposed to be sexy anymore but SWEET FANCY MOSES he's rocking that cancer stick!


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