Friday, March 20, 2009

Um, WTF, Really?

Ok, sometimes I find it mildly entertaining that I'm the person shit always happens to. Today, not so much. See, as my previous post implies, I am a Twitard. I'm a dork, I own it and that's ok. The Hot Topic dude said so even. So anyway, being the huge Twitard that I am pre-ordered my dvd a LONG time ago. I've been ignoring all the sneak peeks that have been all over the internet showing the extras included on the DVD because I wanted to watch it by myself on my big TV. (Side note, big TV took a crap a few weeks ago so now I'll be watching it on my smaller big TV, but I digress) So imagine my utter astonishment when I received my shipping confirmation in my email this morning:

Yeah, I know it's hard to read ok! I can't freakin figure out how to make it bigger, it was the reason for this post in the first place so you're going to just have to make do. My point is that I wanted to watch my movie this weekend and instead I'm gonna have to do stupid laundry now. That makes mommy angry...ok, maybe I'm being a tadmartin dramatic. My bad.


  1. DAMN! That sucks! It is not cool that they have you prepay and then make you wait.
    You may get lucky and have it come in the mail tomorrow. And the 25th is for if they get overwhelmed or something.
    I was trying to find a bright side for you in all that.
    I was just trying to make a quick stop in wallyworld earlier and there were soooooooooo many people wandering the store waiting until midnight to grab up their copies of the movie.
    I want to see it too but not waiting all night at walmart to get it. I am hoping somebody I know gets it so I can watch it with them.
    Anyway....good luck.

  2. I'm hoping it'll come tomorrow. It seems like I always got my Harry Potter's when I've pre-ordered them so we'll see. There was no way I could hang waiting with a bunch of screaming 13 year olds to get it tonight. I shudder at the though!! LOL I guess the bright side will be that I will have clean clothes sooner rather than later, at least my kids/husband will think so. :)


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